Event: May 12th 2018 Powherlifting Competition

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…And that’s a wrap.

May 12th 2018 we are extremely proud to put on yet another amazing event. This time we decided to have our own Pherform Powerlifting competition sponsored by Nocco and Barebells. They did no other training other than follow our FST programming and came to classes consistently.  Our community is an empowered subculture. A culture where we support the successes of others while lifting ourselves (and bars).

Participants were asked to complete squat, benchpress and deadlift as part of the event. There were no weight categories, but there was weigh ins to determine the different classes for the placings..

When given chance to participate in our internal powerlifting event they didn’t blink an eye!!

The Pherform Powerlifting Competiton was a huge success. Congratulations to all the women who participated!! Also can’t forget to thank @leslie.pherformhk for officially judging the competition and @stephpoelman @seb_rawsf @ariyana99, Tanya, @jasminetso and @catastrofree for their support during the whole competition. Team work makes the dream work and all of you helped me bring this event together beautifully.

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ABsolutely FABULOUS!

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On the 29th January 30 women underwent a 12 week fat loss nutritional programme with us.

We not only train at Pherform but educate! Daily these women were taught how to sustain a healthy life over and beyond the 12 weeks. Unlike many commercial diets which have a end date we want to make sure our Pherform ladies know how to continue and maintain. We understand that no one can 100% “diet” for the whole 12 weeks or even in real life. We are not fitness robots who solely drink protein shakes and eat lettuce ourselves.. so we educate what to do whilst traveling… having a celebratory meal… having that date night…. or even perhaps having a cheeky boozy night out with the girls!

All we asked was for our ladies to turn up to Pherform (recommended 4-6 times a week for the best results) kill it in our FST structured classes, follow their personalised meal plans and to keep a positive attitude!

and voila!

….look how amazing they look! At the end of the programme we invited the ladies to come in for a photoshoot to show off them #GAINS and how fabulous they’re looking and here are some of the results. The ladies are feeling confident and so they should do..

Want more information? Feel free to contact us! Contact us here!



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May Member Spotlight!

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Our next Member Spotlight goes to Nicole Go!

Nicole and I met for coffee and had a very honest discussion on our lives. Throughout our lovely meeting, it was evident that despite of our age differences and different walks of life, we are actually very much alike and are both grateful that Pherform and its community allows us to feel confident from the inside out.


Three words to describe yourself?

… I’m always hungry. 


What career background do you have?

I’m an art writer for a Paris-based, international commercial gallery called Perrotin. Before that, I was doing my masters in philosophy in London, following 1.5 years in another Hong Kong-based French gallery. I’ve always been interested in the art scene though I’ve never studied art formally. It’s a combination of being humbled by what I see and the thrill of learning on the job every day; I figured if I didn’t have the talent to create, I could at least try to articulate how I feel about what’s out there. In the long run, I’m hoping to go back to graduate school for a PHD in art criticism, and/or become a curator.


If you could quit your job and live anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

The English Lake District, no second thoughts! My partner took me there on a surprise vacation last year whilst I was still studying; it was like being cradled by life itself again after another depressive episode living abroad on my own. It’s just bare earth, so open and accepting and beautiful. Since then we’d joke about quitting our jobs and becoming shepherds. Growing up in Hong Kong, the English countryside is like heaven on earth for me; I loved yelling out farm animal names as I spotted them on the road, don’t mind me.


Do you believe in fate? Have you ever experienced it?

I do believe everything happens for a reason – how I met some of the most important people I now can’t live without, how I found my lifelong passion both professional and personal… how things worked out, one way or another. Maybe it’s not some mystical fate, but there’s always a larger scheme of things: these are the days that must happen to you in order for the narrative to make sense some day. Living with anxiety and depression has taught me just that: “life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards” 


For 2018, what do you want to accomplish? Personal, health and professional. 

It’s been exactly half a year since I joined Pherform and started training regularly, so I’m looking forward to breaking some PB’s this year as I continue to polish form and technique. I want to be completely caffeine-free (used to have like 4 espressos a day until my heart started acting up) – by extension I want to commit fully to ridding bad habits (actual and mental), and be consistent. Professionally, I want to self-study Korean and Japanese, since our gallery has a lot of projects and collaborations in those regions. 

Have you ever volunteered for a charity and if so which one? Tell me more….

Not since I finished uni in 2016… I’m penciling this as another 2018 goal- hit me up if you have any recommendations! 


What do you feel is your best asset?

Hmmm, discipline, I think. Though it’s a fine line between discipline and stubbornness; in the past it’s backfired and given me a lot of pressure and excuses to self-sabotage. But taking back control has since propelled both my professional life and my workout. Discipline reminds me to keep trying; whilst growing up means coming to terms with the fact that the world at your feet is hardly ever yours for the taking, some things – especially those that mean the most to you – are relatively easy (if not effortless) to commit to. 


What brought you to Pherform?

To start with, I was never an active person. Given the nature of my studies and my being, I spent basically all of time in my own head, beating myself black and blue. When I came across yoga in London it was like a wake-up call: I had to re-learn my own body and breath, giving myself the utmost patience, and along the way I came to realize that everyone was in it for more or less the same reason. We all had some parts of ourselves or experiences that we needed to work with, as a post-injury veteran dancer, a sexual abuse survivor, or simply as a human. That knowledge was (and still is) key to my ongoing healing process. Then I started going to Adidas London’s women-only fitness studio regularly. I knew I’d need that momentum forever, so when Kathleen introduced me to Pherform after I moved back to HK, it was just like finding my way home. 


What inspires you? What gets you up in the morning? 

Kindness and compassion inspire me whether it’s from strangers, acquaintances or those close to my heart, because life can be so damn hard sometimes. I’m grateful to my partner for being my anchor and reminding me every day that I’ve got to try to give to those around me as much as I’ve received.

Pherform gets me up every morning, literally. The familiar faces, the adrenaline, the ache! Hitting the gym is like a physical manifestation of the mantra: whatever happens today, you’ve got this. 



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Pherform Tour

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Ever wondered what it looks like inside Pherform? Well let us give you a little tour 🙂 

Upon entering Pherform you will walk into our lobby, members chill and socialise here before and after classes. You’re greeted at the desk by the first women you’ll see, our admin manager Jez! She makes sure each and every member is of highest priority. To the right is our Pherform kitchen where our kitchen manager Almond produces yummy Instagramable smoothies, smoothie bowls and sells our new healthy Metabolic Precision Meals all at just 300 calories?!

We have two group class gym rooms split up into being called the “main room” and “studio”. Click here to check out our variety of classes: Class Types as well as a bathroom/ changing room with five showers and amenities such as Lush products, hair dryer and hair straighteners.

Pherform may be surrounded by dark walls, women smashing PR’s, lifting weights, working up a sweat and killing it in the classes….. So should you be concerned that you’re not strong enough to join Pherform? Don’t be intimidated! We may not be limited to just cardio equipment and stereotypical “girl” weights but we have “newbies” join us every single day . Our world class coaches make sure every lady is integrated into our classes smoothly with no previous fitness experience required we promise. 

We apply all the latest understanding of sports science to specifically train each modality to optimise the response in female hormone spectrums…. and have all the equipment to ensure our women can smash their goals and become the best versions of themselves. Want to learn more? Click here: What Is FST?









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Event: Be Mindful April 21st 2018

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Another day and another event at Pherform..

At Pherform we believe it is very important to not just train and help our ladies achieve their fitness goals but also to educate on other areas. Having frequent social events is important to us. On average we have around one social event per month. Our community manager and staff always ensure these are fun, exciting and appealing to everyone involved….. and are often full of laughs!

On April 21st Pherform held an Event called Be Mindful.

Helped by our very own yoga instructor @jessicaleeyoga the event focused on mindfulness, goal setting and trusting ourselves. 

Along with learning how to trust our strength and instincts with acro-yoga, members done some mind mapping, vision setting and guided meditation to end the event. 



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Pherform Win GOLD! 14th April 2018

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Saturday 14th April 2018

Pherform escorted two of its staff and one member to compete in their first federated powerlifting competition at the Hong Kong 2018 Nationals! Not only did ALL three walk away with personal bests but won gold too!

Follow them here:

Coach Martina @martina_edge ,Community Manager Maria @maria.pherformhk & Pherform member Kimberley @kimpossiblecarder

Could we be anymore proud?!

Coach @tanzenmuskelbier required one thing- “put your heart in it and do the work. I have been asked several times, what is the requirement to compete? Put your HEART into it. Lots of ♥️♥️♥️. HK, we have just began!!! “

The Pherform ladies have been training hard and deserved every single bit of success they achieved from the day. It was an amazing chance for them to prove their strength in the 3 powerlifts: back squats, bench press and deadlifts.

Watch out for these Pherform ladies, this is only the start…

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April’s Member Spotlight!

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There are so many women at Pherform who inspire us outside the gym who we can’t keep their story to ourself. We want to shout at the top of our lungs for everyone to hear!
This month we gladly introduce you to Alia, our first Member Spotlight interview. Maria initially chose Alia as she had noticed an article written on her and her work at MothersChoice and was inspired to hear more….
What is your Career background?
I started my career as a corporate lawyer in New York and Hong Kong. I left my career in corporate law over five and a half years ago to work full time at Mother’s Choice as the CEO. Mother’s Choice is a local grassroots charity that cares for the many babies and children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong. I am passionate about the mission and vision of Mother’s Choice, it is my dream to see this city with every child in a loving family. I truly believe in the power of the community – when we join hands together we can give hope and change life stories!
If you could quit my job, where would you live?
My six siblings and I were all born and raised in Hong Kong – so this is actually my home town. I am definitely in my dream job right now – it is the hardest but most rewarding thing I have ever done, so I can’t imagine quitting and moving somewhere else right now. But if I had a chance, I would spend more time in Montrose, Colorado. It’s a small town in the mountains of southwestern Colorado – my family has a home there and I have spent every summer there for the past 30 years. It isn’t just beautiful, it is a place where we connect with family and friends. I am so grateful to be able to travel there and host family and friends from Hong Kong and around the world. It is a magical place for relationships!
Do you believe in fate?
I don’t know about fate, but I am definitely a person with a strong faith. I believe that every life is special and that God has a plan for each one of us. Part of my job is seeing that incredible potential in every girl and baby who comes to us.
Do you have any 2018 goals?
I love being a mom to my four boys, and I really hope that I can have another baby! We are also emergency foster parents through Mother’s Choice’s Project Bridge, and I have loved that experience of having more children in my home that way too.
What is your best asset?
I am a really hopeful person. I see miracles happen every day at Mother’s Choice, and I truly believe that nothing is impossible!
I think part of my hopefulness has come from intentionally fostering gratitude in my home and at work. My favourite moment of each day is when I put my children to bed. Every night I ask my children what they are most thankful for today. I love hearing their answers. I am passionate about gratitude and hearing the simple things that they are grateful for brings me great joy and helps me to be more grateful too!
What brought you to Pherform?
In 2015 I set myself a goal that I wanted to be able to start exercising again after taking off seven years with no exercise (and three of my four babies), I was intimidated and not sure where to start. Being part of the rowing team in college had such a profound impact on me, that I knew I wanted to do something in community and with other women. My sisters-in-law had met each other through BikiniFit and were Pherform members, so I decided to give it a try.
What inspires you?
It’s probably more WHO inspires me. The founders and volunteers at Mother’s Choice. They have shown me that small acts of kindness can have big impact. If I had to pick one person, then without a doubt, the most impactful woman in my life is my mother, Phyllis Marwah. She was the very opposite of your typical Hong Kong Tiger Mother. She never signed us up for activities or tutoring unless we asked, she rarely went to our parent teacher conferences, and when she did make it, she only ever had one question for our teachers: is my child kind to others? She has lived her life being kind to others, and it is how she defines success for herself and her children. I think it’s that passion for kindness that helped her and the other co-founders start Mother’s Choice with no money, no experience, and no idea what they were getting into! They just wanted to respond with kindness to girls and babies in Hong Kong who had nowhere else to turn and were desperate for kindness. Watching her has proved to me that even a little bit of kindness can change life stories.
What can people do to get involved/how can they volunteer with their children?
The amazing women at Pherform actually help me all the time, even though they are busy working mamas too! Pherform ladies have volunteered their professional skills pro bono to Mother’s Choice, donated their old baby goods when we’ve needed them, come out to our volunteering days, and supported me with my own children when I’ve had a hard time or needed help.
We actually had a family-friendly volunteer day with our territory-wide Flag Day on Saturday, February 24th! There was something so powerful about standing in the streets of Hong Kong in solidarity with our vision of every child in a loving family.
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What is?…

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Why is Pherform unique to any other female gyms?

Well FST (Female Specific Training) was created out of a necessity to develop a proven training system, specifically designed towards the female body! Want to learn more click this link: http://www.pherform.com/fst/

Below @alex_de_fina describes the four major training styles that make up Pherform’s unique FST (Female Specific Training)

  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Hypertrophy
  • Strength & Power Training
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


Interested to know more? Watch below..



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Bring A Buddy Day! 17th March 2018

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Saturday 17th March we let our members bring a friend FOR FREE!

Another successful and fun event. What an awesome day to witness the fitness with your favourite buddies 🙂 

Having frequent social events is important to us! On average we have around one social event per month.







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How Does Your Gym Make You Feel?

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Food for thought..

Having a community behind you propels and is crucial to achieving and maintaining personal goals.

How does your gym make you feel?

A beautiful video filmed and edited by @rjoshuad showcasing our members and staff’s feelings towards Pherform.


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Pherform Launches Metabolic

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As if Pherform couldn’t get any better..

Grab your macro friendly, Metabolic meal on your way out the door or drop by the gym to pick it up.

All meals are based on 300 calories- 50%Protein, 25% Carbs, 25% Fats.

Every meals is organically sourced, no soy, gluten or dairy, packaged in bamboo shoots, and designed by head chef Mike Boyle from Alto Restaurant in Causeway Bay…

Oh and they taste so yummy!



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