Did you know we run a 12 week Fat Loss Program throughout the year? Learn more..

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Check out Pherform’s 12 Week Fat Loss Transformation Girls getting bizzzaaaayyy!

This is the result of a team effort in nutritional education, application, and accountability ✔

Six pack are great. But what’s #AwesomeAF is having dozens of women feel amazing in their skin, and empowered with simple systems to maintain their health, body composition and performance for LIFE!

We got our fabulous Pherform ladies in for a photo/ video shoot and they looked absolutely AMAZEBALLS! Have a look at their video below..

Also known as FFF, we offer a 12 week, 3 phase nutrition program that is to be combined with our FST programming. Reduce inflammation, improve metabolic flexibility, burn body fat, create lean and functional muscle, and improve energy throughout the day are just some of the positives you will receive from the program. This program is ran in blocks throughout the year!

We not only train at Pherform but educate! Daily these women were taught how to sustain a healthy life over and beyond the 12 weeks. Unlike many commercial diets which have a end date we want to make sure our Pherform ladies know how to continue and maintain. We understand that no one can 100% “diet” for the whole 12 weeks or even in real life. We are not fitness robots who solely drink protein shakes and eat lettuce ourselves.. so we educate what to do whilst traveling… having a celebratory meal… having that date night…. or even perhaps having a cheeky boozy night out with the girls!

All we asked was for our ladies to turn up to Pherform (recommended 4-6 times a week for the best results) kill it in our FST structured classes, follow their personalised meal plans and to keep a positive attitude!

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